If Hajia Even Hajia 4real Is Humbled by Covid-19; Who Are We To Feel Otherwise?

We have made all the jokes we can make from this pandemic and even at this crucial phase in our collective lives, we have found our lips curving smiles and our hearts, someway happy.

We do not have peace of mind, we live in abject fear and dread although we are keeping to the precautionary measures— the question remains the same, how careful can you even be?

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People are dying and we are not exactly throwing parties in our heads—Covid-19 has proven in so many ways that death is inconsequential, no matter how you look at it— death is not important because irrespective of who and what you are when it comes knocking on your door, you must open.

This pandemic has claimed more lives in these past weeks and we can only hope that this dark cloud would pass as swift as it came.

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If there is one lesson that the break of Covid-19 has taught us, it sure is the lesson of humility.

The acceptance that humans are nothing, literally and our existence can end within a blink is in active play.

From this post from Hajia 4real, our lady has finally come to terms with that. She says the virus has brought the true phase of humanity. She says she has been humbled.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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