Most Nollywood Actors And Actresses Lift Themselves Up By Using Sugar Daddies And Mummies; Let’s Face It!

Wale Adenuga could not have said this any better and by saying this better, he sure is going to get himself in lots of problems.

According to the Pefti Film Institute, most Nigerian actors and actresses make it appear that all is glam and glitz in the movie industry but that is so not the case.

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Wale says the movie industry has perpetually been in a state of failure and most of these actors and actresses who live extravagantly and display some sort of opulence do so on the tickets of sugar mummies and sugar daddies respectively.

He said, “Many of them lift themselves by using sugar daddies and sugar mummies.

“Many people are oblivious of the fact that many of the young Nollywood actors and actresses who live flamboyant lifestyles make their money outside film making. They make people believe everything is alright in the film making.

“You see them building big houses, living in affluence, but their source of money is beyond making the film.”

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He added; “Although the average Nigerian may find this shocking but Nollywood is the only industry with no organized association to govern the activities of actors and moviemakers in the industry.”

Wale Adenuga

Some people would obviously be hurt by this but Wale have not said anything that is not already in play.

Over the years, we have come to the realization and acceptance that actors and actresses, many of them use this career as just a cover-up to who and what they really are and do.

Sadly, they always defend themselves with having other jobs aside acting that we never see because they claim they want to keep it on the low dial.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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