Kwaku Manu assaulted and took advantage of Pamela Odame on his show

Kumawood actor and social commentator Kwaku Manu was caught on video behaving inappropriately when he interviewed up and coming actress Pamela Odame Watara.

Pamela a model and actress is well known for having the biggest bust in showbiz plus being an Instagram slay queen. There are several videos of her performing nude for people on social media, but she has recently stepped up her game in trying to be a serious actress.

She appeared as an extra in the music video “Things Fall Apart” by Kofi Kinaata and has featured in different YouTube comedy series alongside actors such as Nana Yeboah, Sean Paul and Kwadwo Nkansah popular known as Lilwin.

Kwaku Manu in an interview with the actress lifted her top to peek at her bra when she mentioned she had advertised bras for a company. Kwaku Manu went ahead to touch her boobs and complement them. Pamela then told him she was aware of how good her boobs are and didn’t need him to compliment them. He went ahead to rest his hands on her boobs and kept pressing her boobs talking about how soft her boobs are. Even though the actress tried to get him to stop, Kwaku Manu placed both hands underneath her boobs and lifted them asking her how much her boobs weighed. She claimed not to know with Kwaku Manu asking her if she will be able to show her boobs on camera.

That whole segment of the interview was cringeworthy and showed how unprofessional the actor was in his interview of her. It also showed the lack of respect he has for her and the believe that she was nothing more than her big boobs.

Unfortunately, Kwaku Manu is not the only culprit in the industry with Kofi Adoma also taking advantage of some of his female guests.

Granted the women should respect themselves more and prevent these stupid situations from happening but Kwaku Manu should know better and probably would have been offended if some presenter did that to the wife, daughter or sister.

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