Looking At This Picture Of Christabel Ekeh, It Would Take More Than Prayers And Fasting To Heal The World From Covid-19

Today, Wednesday 25th March has been declared as the national day of fasting and praying.

We are assuming that most Ghanaians are fervently praying to God to have mercy on the world and…

heal us all from this torment.

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Since the break of Covid-19, the religious lot in the country have found all platforms to display their sanctimoniousness. Some have the maintained perception that the world is coming to an end and have gone to extremes of referencing Covid-19 to a verse in the Bible.

Some also think God is angry at mankind for the many sins and atrocious things we have then and has unleashed His wrath on us.

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Meanwhile, it is almost as if our cases keep increasing every nanosecond. God probably is so pissed that he has refused to listen to us because our cases just shot up to 68.

Today of all days that we are praying for his mercies— and to add insult to an open wound, we have recorded our third Covid-19 death-related case at the 37 Military hospital.

What has any of this to do with the actress Christabel Ekeh? Almost all the celebs are chiming the cords of today’s prayers and fasting and she is doing quite the same but with a dash of a s3xiness attached to it.

We cannot blame her—life cannot halt for her just because of Coronavirus or?. She looks gorgeous by the way!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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