Yvonne Nelson Criticizes Fame Seekers – Says God Blesses Those Who Donate Secretly

Some Ghanaian celebrities are fond of donating with cameras all over them to show the whole world their good deeds but actress Yvonne Nelson has bashed them for that.

According to her, this isn’t the time to try seeking fame with one’s little donations, getting the attention of the media for everyone to see that you are donating.

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She posted on her twitter page asking others to donate but make sure no eyes sees it because God in heaven sees everything and blesses those who give to the poor, needy, orphans and widows secretly without making it known to others.

She added that most pastors and churches uses the offertory of their members to sponsor their luxurious lifestyle instead of donating to the poor but that doesn’t mean the individual can’t give because God sees and knows everyone’s heart.

She wrote “Pls donate to the poor/needy/widows/orphans etc, don’t let an eye see it when you do, God in heaven sees it!this is how God our Father in Heaven blesses! most churches/pastors will use your money for their luxurious lifestyles. God sees and knows our hearts.”

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SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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