This Girl Is Either Dumb Or Just Straight-Up Crazy – Wendy Shay Deservedly Roasted for Stupidly Saying She’s On the Same Level As Beyonce

Ghanaians have jumped on the neck of RuffTown Records artist Wendy Shay, who is trying everything to stay relevant but sadly cannot remain so.

Shay tries to say stupidly controversial things so she can trend and remain relevant, but even if she is talked about a lot, her actual lack of musical talent always exposes her.

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Ebony became a phenomenon because aside from her controversial nature, the girl could actually sing!

Shay tried to stir up another dumb controversy to trend yesterday when she said the only musician she can be paired with is Beyonce.

Ghanaians were pairing up musicians to pass the time when Shay jumped in to make the absurd claim.

Thankfully Ghanaians did not let her go scot-free, roasting her mercilessly.

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The way Ms. Shay conducts herself, it’s either she’s not very bright or she’s getting some very bad advice.

Talent is talent – and no amount of controversies can turn her into Efya or Ebony Reigns.

Check some of the roast she suffered below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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