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10 Classic Shows from the Past Ghanaians Would Love to Have Back On TV Right NOW

2020 is the year that changed everything.

At the end of 2019, everyone was excited to enter a new year and a new decade. We were all looking forward to fulfilling 10% of our New Year’s resolutions as usual and to continue with our normal and boring lives.

Nobody saw it coming that a tiny virus was going to bring the entire world to a standstill – not pastors, not politicians – nobody!

Today, we live in a different world. Citizens of most countries around the world are in some sort of lockdown and self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine have now become overused words.

Stuck home and unlikely to be out of lockdown for at least another week, Ghanaians everywhere are turning to television shows, movies and social media to pass the time.

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Unfortunately for us, we are out of the golden age of Ghanaian television.

Back in the day we had numerous classic shows on TV which Ghanaians immensely enjoyed.

These shows were super popular and whenever they came on TV, everyone would be ready at home to watch it.

These days we have to make do with Kejetia V Makola, Chorkor Trotro, YOLO and the likes – shows which start out very well but then become old and stale very fast.

Back in the day, the shows stayed entertaining for years and years and remained popular throughout their run.

Stuck at home and in quarantine? Browse this list of 10 tv shows from the past you probably wish was on your TV right now!

10 Inspector Bediako

Some of the most popular tv shows of all time are in the detective genre – Magnum PI, Hawaii 5-0, CSI etc.

Back in the day, Ghana had our own version in Inspector Bediako.

It was an immensely popular and entertaining show – we definitely could use a few episodes on TV right now to kill time!

9 Who Wants to be Rich

Ghana’s version of the internationally acclaimed and timeless show ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire’ was on TV for a brief period but it was a staple of many households.

Kafui Dey was a superb host and some Ghanaians won great sums of money to take home.

Who couldn’t use a quiz show to pass some time right now and when it comes to the genre, ‘Who Wants to be Rich’ is a great one to watch.

8 Stars of the Future/Mentor

From a quiz show to a reality show. Stars of the Future was another show which wasn’t on air for that long but when it was airing, was as popular a show as you could find anywhere on tv.

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It was succeeded by TV3’s Mentor, which kept the format going for many more years.

These shows were Ghana’s own version of American Idol or the Voice – take your pick.

The chase to find Ghana’s next great music star was very engaging and these two shows remained very popular. Rewatching them would be a great way to pass the time.

Amazingly, Ghana’s two most prominent female vocalists right now – Becca and Efya – each have a history with Mentor and Stars of the Future respectively.

7 It Takes Two

Who doesn’t remember this show? ‘It Takes Two was another quiz show that was a smash hit during its time on air.

Hosted by Kwame Sefa Kayi with a killer theme tune, the show pitted teams against each other to find out how well you function as a team.

Its famous ‘charades’ segment were also a highlight.

Kwame Sefa Kayi has gone on to become one of Ghana’s greatest broadcasters even if the show fell by the wayside.

We could use it back on air to pass the time.

6 Home Sweet Home

This show, following a relatively well to do Ghanaian family navigating their lives, was a fan favourite back in the day.

‘Home Sweet Home’ was a a simple show which delivered some laughs but most of all had enduring characters people could never forget.

It brought a lot of joy back then and could do the same today.

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