Enjoy Your Evening With These 12 Tweets From Nigerians On All Topics; You Are Guaranteed To Laugh Out Loud

Times are hard and all are kind courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The cases keep increasing worldwide with the death tolls skyrocketing every nanosecond.

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In light of the lockdown, lots of people are in the house. Some have been given a mandatory leave whilst others have decided to be home themselves.

Most parents are home and as the days go by, parents realize how hard it is to maintain sanity around their children because being around all day every day with them can be grueling.

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It gets boring sometimes— we are even to say it gets boring all the time and all one needs is something to keep their minds of the turmoil going on it the world.

Fortunately, social media has been great, there are lots of funny movies online that can leave you laughing all-day— Tiktok is especially doing the best.

Has anyone noticed how Nigerians are effortlessly funny? Well, today we are giving you screenshots of some of the funniest tweets to ever walk this earth—old but gold!

You are guaranteed a good laugh!


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