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Shatta Wale Threatens to Beat Sarkodie like His Son Magest


Leader of SM movement Shatta Wale took to social media to respond to Sarkodie’s diss track Sub Zero and he was in no mood to play around.

According to the “king” of dancehall, he is a senior of Sarkodie and was rapping way before Sark knew what a microphone was. He claimed Sarkodie begged him to introduce a producer to him when he started.

Shatta on his social media rant said this is not the time and moment to be fuelling “beefs” but rather to show solidarity and help the needy. He questioned what Sark has done or is doing to help his fans apart from starting beefs and promoting nonsense on social media. Shatta said he has donated food and other things to the less fortunate and commended Medika and Fella for giving to the needy in society.

Shatta said he is ready to straighten the rapper since he has shown no sign of putting an end to his folly. “Sark is my junior, I will remove my belt and beat him like my child”, he said.

He accused the media of hyping Sarkodie and for being hypocrites. According to him, the media would have accused him of trying to trend or resurrect his career if he was engaged in the same thing as Sarkodie.

Reggie Rockstone is another rapper who was not spared in his rants. He claimed the originator of Hiplife still lives in his father’s house because he is broke. He advised Rockstone to shut up because he knows and understand the music industry better than the grandpapa.

It is hypocritical of Shatta Wale to accuse Sarkodie of releasing a diss track while the country and the world as a whole fight the coronavirus. He did release his diss track “Little Tip” las month when the pandemic was still around.


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