I Work Out My Own Salvation And Do Not Follow Man-Made Religion Blindly- Stella Damasus Jabs Fake Prophets

A lot of people parading this world as Christians do not know the first thing about that type of religion they have subscribed to.

They only call themselves Christians and dust their Bibles to go to church because they are somewhat in love with the teachings of their pastors.

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People are in dire need to satisfy an emptiness in their lives that they would readily listen and accept any fallacies fed them.

Pastors have devised means and ways to factorize on the congregation’s sensitivities and playing a card that would leave them thinking and believing all would be well if they live according to the terms they are preaching.

Religion is way too complicated but the one thing that many have found impossible to accept is that salvation is individual and no other person than your able self can guarantee you that.

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Veteran actress Stella Damasus says she has not seen the need to follow popular religious doctrines or even follow them. According to her, she is a non-conformist of such and all she has stuck to is the fact that salvation is individual and she has a special relationship with God.

“I don’t follow or conform to popular religious doctrines. I am not one to follow religion created by man blindly. I have a personal and beautiful relationship with God. I accept and publicly declare that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, without fear or shame.

“I study to show myself approved. I don’t put my trust or accept every single thing that comes from a self-proclaimed or titled individual. Know God and love him. WORK OUT YOUR (OWN) SALVATION.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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