Nigerians Would Legit Hate Burna Boy After Hearing His Covid-19 Naija Update To Diddy

If there is any more love Nigerians have for Burna Boy, it might dwindle after they see this revelation he made to Diddy.

The thing with Burna Boy is, he exceedingly arrogant and very unapologetic about himself— trust him to always call a spade.

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Diddy has a new show dubbed “dance-a-thin” where he invites musicians all across the world to share their thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic. In his latest, it was the turn of Nigerian Afrobeat icon Burna Boy and when he was asked the situation with Nigerians, he did not waste to spill it all.

According to Burna Boy, Nigerians are really suffering and most of them are living from hand to mouth.

“Reporting live from Lagos,” after Diddy asked to know what the situation is like in Nigeria, he said, “We are on lockdown in Nigeria just like anyone else.”

“But the difference is that here we are locked down without any benefits or relief packages.”

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He adds that they are just trying to make the situation a tad more better than everyone because these are really hard times.

“It’s like everyone…especially our minorities …they are feeding from hand to mouth. [Before now] it’s like we work today, eat today and tomorrow taking care of itself and now we are in this mess.

“We are just trying to make life better for everyone around us in any way we can even though it’s not our job. We’re not the government,” he added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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