Some Say Coronavirus Is the Work of the Devil Whilst Others Say It’s God’s Plan – KSM Mocks Clueless Ghanaian ‘Prophets’

Ghanaian prophets have really had their a$$es handed to them by this coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of every year, these prophets hold huge ceremonies where they tell everyone the visions God has given them about what will happen in the coming year.

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Somehow, none of these prophets, not even one, received a vision about a worldwide pandemic. Yet now that the virus is here they are still trying to tell us how it came about.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa

Some claim it is the work of the devil to disrupt the world, whilst others are also claiming that God is trying to show humans that he’s the one in charge.

They can’t even decide on the message God is sending them leading Ghanaian comic and satirist KSM to mock them.

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According to him, they should sit down and learn the lessons this virus is teaching us all.

He wrote on Twitter: “One Bishop says COVID-19 is the work of Satan to destroy God’s creation. Another Bishop says it the work of GOD to show that he is in charge. I say “where it’s coming from is not as important as the lessons humanity is supposed to learn from this calamity”.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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