Yemi Alade Goes Crazy On A Twitter Fan Who Called Her Jobless – Issues Her Account Statement Of Money She Makes Even In Lockdown

Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade has stated emphatically that she is not affected financially because of the lockdown which has brought businesses to a standstill.

According to him, she still makes thousands of hard currencies from royalties even as she chills at home.

Yemi Alade disclosed after a Twitter user called her jobless!

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The musician tweeted, saying that the lockdown has made her appreciated that she actually has a home and finally get to rest as she spends most of her time at airports and airplanes.

She tweeted; ‘Mehn, I’m just realising that even though I have always had a house, I only just started to LIVE in it and call it home. I spent more time at airports and in Airplanes. Even though I truly miss spending time on stage, it feels good to be at home( in a way) and I’m thankful

However, one twitter users reminded that she’s been rendered jobless sake of the quarantine.  “Quarantine and self isolation has humbled all our celebrities. Did you also realise that you are jobless?”

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Responding to that, Yemi Alade wrote, ‘😂😂😂 no vex but “truly international” artists like us are steady getting paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties monthly and quarterly . I think you are the one in need of a job .sorry there is no vacancy here sha’

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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