Top Nollywood Actors Who Are Not Married And Are Still Searching

The subject of marriage is a very dicey one, though many people think it’s a fantasy land where one really gets to enjoy life after walking down the aisle!

Let me say that, marriage is bigger than the fairy tale stories we see on our screens.

Like the Titanic story will hardly happen in this present age! It’s not that people cannot love, or cannot keep to their vows but is mostly about Understanding, Commitment and Sacrifice which many people are not ready to succumb to.

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There is this funny saying that ‘you sell your freedom when you marry’. Actually you don’t, but you GROW.

You become more responsible and you make decisions bearing in mind that you have a partner and perhaps kids.

So getting married is indeed a big decision and, of course, a milestone in life.

However, to some people, it really doesn’t mean anything!

The following Nollywood actors have the resources and are old enough to be married but they are not, perhaps because of one of the reasons listed above!!

  1. Nonso Diobi

Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi is one of the famous actors in the industry. He was debuted on the screen in 2001 in Nollywood blockbuster ‘Border Line’.

The 44-year-old actor is a native of Nwafia in Enugu State. He is worth a $1 million and he is still one of the most sought after actors.

Sadly he is not married as our check proves he is single.

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2. Sylvester Madu


Nollywood actor, Sylvester Madu brings all the nostalgic feeling being remembered for his notoriety on the screen. The actor is 45 years and the eldest of a family of 12 from Anambra State.

Sylvester Madu is yet to express his undying love for any woman who would win his heart and the ring. He is single!

3. Frederick Leonard


Multiple award-winning actor Frederick Leonard is 44 years. He was born in Anambra State on 1st May 1976.

He is the eldest of a family of 2. Though the actor is considered as one of the handsome guys in Nollywood, He is yet to consider marriage.

Reports say he is single!!

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