Instagram Finally Verifies Lydia Forson And She Threw A Party Last Night!- PHOTO

As we keep hammering, everything that happens in our lives from this way forward definitely is worth celebrating.

Regardless of how insignificant they may come across to anyone, just make sure you make as much noise about it as you can and that exactly is what actress Lydia Forson is doing.

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Our unapologeTHICK queen just got verified on Instagram and she is practically throwing a party on the picture-sharing platform.

She is allowed to, it is not every day that people get to be verified on Instagram. The verification means that you have been recognized as authentic and your brand has met the requirements which also means more money in the form of endorsement deals would be coming your way if you are lucky.

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This is a big win for Lydia and we could not be any less happy for her. She shared the news with her fans in the most hilarious way with a tone of sarcasm to it.

If Lydia ever chances on this read, we would love her to know that we got the sarcasm but she should know that we live for this drama.

Congratulations to her all the same!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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