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For the Comedy Lovers – 5 All-Time Classic Sitcoms to Binge Watch to Kick Boredom Out of Your Lockdown

Some of the best tv shows ever made were in the situational comedy (sitcom) genre.

Not everyone loves them but for those who do, like myself, they are a great way to pass time and laugh your ass off at the same time – who doesn’t want that?

The great thing about sitcoms is that you can watch them anywhere, anytime without disrupting your life too much.

Almost all of them have episodes which run for 20-30mins so you don’t waste too much time on it.

Their short length also makes it possible to watch them anywhere, anytime, even at work on your lunch break.

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Another great thing about sitcoms is that no matter how times you’ve watched them, you can watch it over and over again. The true great comedies are ageless and timeless and remain funny throughout time.

We are now living in extraordinary times calling for really extraordinary measures. Everywhere you are in the world, it’s highly likely you’re living under some sort of lockdown.

People are getting pretty tired of staying at home and for good reason. Humans are social animals and whenever we are unable to function as part of a collective we feel quite uncomfortable.

But that is the situation we’re in now so to help you keep your sanity, it’s better to find something external to help you laugh.

Below is my list of the five funniest and most binge-able sitcoms you should watch in quarantine right now!

The great thing about these shows is even if you’ve watched them before, you can watch them again and still find them funny.

Remember, the greatest sitcoms never age.

5 How I Met Your Mother (9 seasons, 208 episodes)

For some reason a lot of the shows on this list surrounds a group of friends living in New York City spending too much time in each other’s company.

How I Met Your Mother is the first following this format and follows Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky and the obligatory schizophrenic comic relief character, Barney Stinson.

This group of friends spend most of their time in a bar known as McLarens getting into all sorts of shenanigans.

How I Met Your Mother is extremely funny and humanely grounded. It also never gets old and by the time you’re done with the final season, you would be ready to start another rewatch.

4 Family Guy (18 seasons, 344 episodes)

The only animated show on this list and the only show still on the air, Family Guy follows the Griffin family – Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg and Stewie – and their anthropomorphic dog Brian.

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The type of adventures the Griffins get into every week defy reason and logic but make for lots of laughs. Baby Stewie talks intelligibly and is an evil genius whilst Brian seems to be sleeping with a human lady every other episode.

Add in s*x crazed neighbour Glenn Quagmire, always hyper police officer Joe Swanson and laidback Cleveland Brown and you have one of the most successful animated comedy shows of all time.

Family Guy has ran for 18 seasons and still counting – it’s going to take you all the way through your lockdown.

3 Two and A Half Men (12 seasons, 262 episodes)

For about five years with Charlie Sheen in his prime this was one of the funniest things you could ever watch on tv.

Two and a Half Men follows filthy rich jingle writer Charlie Harper, his broke and mooching brother Alan Harper and Alan’s son, Jake – literally making two and a half men

Charlie Sheen later left the show to be replaced by Ashton Kutcher but the show suffered none for it.

12 seasons of this shows exist – you have time, why not try it out?

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