Nana Akufo Addo Saves Ghanaian Women From Seriousl Atopa


The president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo have once again gained the applauds of the citizens by displaying signs of a listening president. Like a good father, the president has responded to the numerous cries of his babies.

When people called for the lockdown of the borders and the two major cities in the country, Nana Akufo Addo obliged. After the lockdown, many demanded food and not only did the president provide food, he threw in free water and a reduction in electricity bills.

The act by the president encouraged others to reach out to him about the consequences of the lockdown when it comes to the game played under the sheet aka Atopa aka Biegya aka Fire aka Tonga. The lockdown led to many men increasing their daily and weekly portions of tonga as if it was part of a balanced diet. Not only were the men ready to fire their women anywhere in the house but any time during the day, from dawn to dusk. This has started to affect many relationships and marriages in the country.

Two women stood up for the millions that were suffering in silence with one woman defying the lockdown to escape to her beauty shop. The woman pleaded with Nana Addo to lift the ban to save women from the “punishment” being administered to them in their homes. “After the men chop you, the you have to prepare food for them to chop as well”, She lamented.

The other woman cautioned the president to either lift the ban or be prepared to cater for millions of children since people are not obeying the social distance rule when it comes to the bedroom Kungfu.

The President in his speech yesterday heeded to the advice of these women by ending the lockdown. This act by the president will save a lot of women from getting pounded day in day out. Although the lockdown ends today, the benefits will be observed in the coming days and weeks.

Several people have criticised the government for ending the lockdown claiming it is likely to increase the spread of the coronanvirus.


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