A Charlatan Pastor-Obinim and His Obtuse Wife Versus a Foul-mouthed Politician with Resource—the Case of the Three Adults Turned National Buffoons, CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

What’s a man of God’s business in constantly recording videos of himself and uploading them on social media to level stupid allegations against others or to needlessly address social media speculations?

This is what Bishop Obinim, the angel of God on earth engages in—as he has nothing meaningful to do with his time. He does not need to work because his credulous followers will always cushion his bank accounts.  

Often, his own wife-Florence Obinim who he once publicly disgraced as having a valley-like coochie that does not satisfy him and as such prefers sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife, obstinately backs him up—by recording supportive videos of herself from her current place of residence in Spain too.

The above are classic cases of unrestrained buffoonery, championed by two adults who are also members of God’s family in Ghana.

These two are not at loggerhead with a commoner.

Their opponent, is another grown man, a Ghanaian Legislator-Kennedy Agyepong who has enough wealth to motivate others to furnish him with whatever secrets (either true or not) about his foes—and he owns a TV station to allot him enough air-time to dish out his investigative hokum.

Interestingly, this pointless fight cum exposé is applauded by a population of social media idiots and bloggers whose business thrives on such schadenfreuden.

Obinim and his wife are annoying on two levels—they are charlatans claiming to be representatives of God on earth and they are illiterates who wouldn’t invest the plenty spare time on their hands in basic pronunciation even.

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But then Kennedy Agyepong is not also an ‘immaculate’ Legislator as many would expect. His wealth, connections and power have made him the de facto warlord of everything nonsense in Ghana. Cheered on by his “boys” who he openly insults, he has imposed himself on all of us as the silencer of any pompous person who by intent or otherwise pisses him off.

Kennedy’s reputation as a perfidious gutter-fighter is well known throughout Ghana and beyond. To twist the words of Chinua Achebe, his fame in this quarters rests on solid personal achievements such as having single-handedly silenced and created perpetual fears in the hearts of Afia Schwarzenegger, Prophet Badu Kobi and even Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

It’s a fact that Ken Agyepong always succeeds in dishing out unjustified fears and humiliation to those who are not intelligent enough to avoid getting into unwarranted fights with him. Yet, Obinim and his wife are waging war against him, and in so doing disgracing themselves and their associates.

Ken is a rich politician but an undeniable irritant—that every man or woman of wisdom must do everything to avoid. Therefore, who is advising the Obinims? Probably, Jesus Christ.

It’s somewhat entertaining to see three adults become national buffoons, especially during this unsettling COVID-19 pandemic. Also, when these adults washing their dirt in public are members of God’s family and a Member of Parliament, it makes you feel super good about your own tiny common sense and sins.


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