CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Juliet Ibrahim the Immature Ex-girlfriend or Iceberg Slim the Deserving Douchebag?

I have known Juliet Ibrahim for about 10 years and I can say she is a lovely soft-hearted young woman, swimming through this chaotic life in search for love.

When she got married, I was here and I wrote about it. Also, when her marriage collapsed, I broke the news even though she was not really happy about that.

On a public front, I can say I fairly know her. I also know that she can be a bit of a pain in the butt especially when it comes to her utterances and social media activities.

Following the breakdown of her marriage, there were a few innuendos from her and her ex-husband as to who was the bigger sinner in the marriage. But she handled it well and they both moved on.

Juliet Ibrahim And Iceberg Slim

When Juliet Ibrahim started dating Iceberg Slim, many of us said it was not going to go anywhere—and that a relationship built on social media likes will mostly collapse in a few months.

Interestingly, Juliet Ibrahim at the time smugly told Ghanaians that Iceberg was not going to dump her humongous butt—which this Nigerian musician did love to constantly squeeze on camera.

As expected, the over publicised relationship collapsed and Juliet Ibrahim was back to the market.

Two years down the line, she has taken to Instagram to roast Iceberg Slim—in a manner that paints her as an immature ex-girlfriend. The plausible alternative is that; Iceberg Slim is a douchebag who has left Juliet Ibrahim no option than to embarrass him this way.

Earlier today, Juliet Ibrahim took to Instagram to tell Iceberg Slim that enough is enough and that he should stop harassing her—a clear indication that she can’t take it anymore.   

The two recently made headlines after Juliet Ibrahim subtly shaded Iceberg Slim by saying his only claim to fame was dating her.

Iceberg also replied using an alleged fake account by revealing the reason why his ex-girlfriend Juliet can’t forget him after ending their relationship for two years now.

In what seems like her final message to Iceberg and a drop of public shame, Juliet Ibrahim has revealed that Iceberg Slim has been begging for her attention—which she has refused to give him. She warned him to stop harassing her.

What Juliet has done in public to an ex-boyfriend is a big ouch! This is why I am asking; is it that Juliet Ibrahim is an immature ex-girlfriend or Iceberg Slim a douchebag who deserves this?

Check out what Juliet Ibrahim wrote below…




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