Told You Rappers Are Broke, Barima Sidney Only Has One House After 25 Years – Says Shatta

The grandpapa of Hiplife and rap in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone descended heavily on Shatta Wale when he suggested that the rap game has not helped anyone in the country.

Reggie went on to mention several names of prominent musicians who are supposedly enjoying the benefits of the genre including Shatta himself but recent revelations from veteran hiplife artists have shown the contrary. Granted many have enjoyed the fame that comes with being a hiplife artist but the monetary compensation from their craft is non-existent.

Famous hiplife artiste Barima Sidney in a recent interview with Zion Felix admitted to owning just a single house even though he has been in the hiplife game for over two decades. Sidney who started as part of a group called Nananom but later went solo is a musician one would assume should be bathing in money considering his longevity and the number of hit songs released. Unfortunately, he has a single house to show for his efforts even though he has been active in the music industry for several decades.

Shatta’s insistence that Sarkodie is broke and live a fake life might be laughable to most but it seems other rappers and hiplife artists might be struggling.

Rapper Asem was recently mocked for leaving the country to seek greener pastures abroad even though he had a prominent career in the hiplife scene. Ex-Doe admitted to going abroad and working in a club to provide for his family. The list of rappers and hiplife artists who were supposed to be making big money due to the hits they had but had to move abroad to do menial jobs are exhaustive from Slim Busterr all the way to Nana Kwame.

Truth be told, one might struggle to point out 10 rappers who became rich from music. Maybe Fameye’s track “Nothing I Get” is the best description for the rappers and hiplife artists in the country.


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