DKB Mocked for Crying Over a Girl

Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney has become the latest guy to be made a laughingstock for crying because of a woman.

The comedian who is used to people laughing at his jokes and maybe his big head could not have predicted the response his revelations would have. If he could, he probably would have died with that information.

According to DKB, he gave his heart and soul to a woman and like Arsenal fans, his emotions got toiled with and in the end a heartbreak is what he got. “I called the girl while on set” just for her to tell me “why are you calling me? Its over, I am already seeing another guy and we have started sleeping together”, said DKB. The comedian claim he just got in his car and went to a nearby bus to cry. Every break he got from shooting; he will drive to the bush just to cry.

A lot of men cannot and will not show any emotion especially vulnerable one like crying even when they are in the mist of close family and friends. Most people perceive crying for instance as a feminine and weak trait hence the existence of sayings such as “men don’t cry”.

One will assume his break-up story will court public empathy but as people say, “social media has no chill”, people just laughed at him. Some compared him to Sammy, a guy who was caught on video crying and begging his girlfriend “Nana Ama” to take him back. Others felt for him with some claiming they have experienced something similar.


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