“Shut Up” and Stop Laughing at Me for Being Emotional says Funny Face

Actor and comedian Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng popular known as Funny Face, Kasoa Vandamme and Ataa Papa has descended heavily on those that mock and laugh at him for expressing his emotions.

The comedian who is currently at loggerheads with Kalybos, Bismark the Joke and Lilwin was surprised that people will mock him when they haven’t walked a day in his shoe or know the struggles he faces each day. “You have no idea about what someone has been through therefore shut up when someone is going through a situation”, he said.

Expressions of emotions in Ghana by any man is frown upon and many on social media will mock you for it. Funny Face is not the first celebrity or person to be mocked for displaying any signs of emotions. Shatta Wale was mocked by Sarkodie for showing emotions during the COVID-19 lockdown calling him “emotional singer”. Comedian DKB was laughed at for crying over a break-up while Sammy became the poster boy of laughter when he was caught on video crying and begging his ex-girlfriend Nana Ama to take him back. The question one can ask is why are men not allowed to show any emotions, especially in public?

Funny Face was visibly angry in the video while addressing the people calling him emotional. According to the actor/comedian, it is that emotional quality that distinguished him from other actors/comedians in the industry. He further explained that, his bland is defined by the display of emotions and that is why he can forgo big money to perform for orphans and the needy.

People must be sensitive and empathetic to others when they are going through difficult times. Funny Face has suffered of late from his ex-wife exposing his intimate moment by claiming he last 2 minutes in bed to a woman claiming he defrauded her. Both cases made her a laughingstock with many trolling him about his weak bed game.


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