So We Selling Bleaching Creams Now? – Shatta Michy Mocked, Roasted and Toasted for her New Business

A social media user jumped on the neck of Shatta Michy after she started promoting some ‘skin whitening’ products on her page.

Michy has advanced beyond her ‘Chopious’ business which sells food and has now moved o the very lucrative venture of hawking bleaching creams to insecure women.

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Most of our celebrities bleach their skin anyway, always running away from their dark skin. That is the example they set for millions of Ghanaian ladies so that’s what millions of ladies do.

These same celebrities then sell the creams to them and make money from it.

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Michy has now entered the business, hawking ‘whitening’ skin treatment on her Instagram page.

After she made her post promoting such a bleaching product, a fan called her out.

“Wait, we selling whitening creams now?” the fan hit out her.

Michy came back with a long post to prove she’s not a bleaching cream pimp but who is really buying that? Calling it whitening or toning does not change what it is!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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