Learn To Know Ladies And Stop Choosing Them By Their Curves – Man Advises Funny Face

A Ghanaian man known as Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr has taken to social media to advise comedian Funny Face on how to deal with his personal matters.

The man has advised Funny Face to learn to know more about ladies instead of picking a wife base on curves.

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The hottest topic in town right now is Funny Face – the comedian has sold everything about his life on social media; how his wife, the mother of his twin babies has absconded with his twins, how she betrayed him to his enemies and how other comedians such us Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke have teamed up to sabotage him.

Funny Face has dropped videos and write-ups detailing that all is not well with him.

Regardless of the happenings, he has noted he loves ladies with good backside and he would marry the same type for the third time

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Reacting to that, a man has penned a long note to advice Funny Face on the ideal thing to do.

Read his message below

Funny Face,
Please if you have problem with your ex wife, please secretly solve it with her, you know her better than all of us,

If you have issues with the mother of your twins too, please quietly solve it with her and stop sharing it on social media and learn how to control and switch your emotions , learn to know women instead of selecting them on looks and buttocks size and curves.

It’s bad to discuss WOMEN publicly like this,
It’s a taboo to even talk about your wife in a market place in my village and this is not funny my brother.

Now no one will tell you the effects, but listen, whatever you are saying now or will say later will live up with you, and don’t forget your girls will grow to see and read too.

Please be calm, be patient and respect your friendship with people. Don’t disgrace your friends because you have misunderstanding with them, that won’t even solve your problem.

Let me ask you this, if Adebayor also offends you, will you come on social media to tell us about his secrets and pull him down as well?

Please let go of every pain and anger, and please don’t use this your emotions to destroy the careers and establishments of your fellow industry people.

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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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