RIDICULOUSLY STUPID: Ghana Media Has Been Bribed to Sabotage My Career And Not Play My Songs – Says Bisa Kdei

Ghanaian musician-Bisa Kdei whose career has taken a downturn is ridiculously blaming the Ghanaian media as having taking bribe just not to sabotage him and not play his song.

It’s not only childish but also stupid for a grown man like him to even think that someone somewhere will go about paying media houses not to just play his song.

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Over the last few years, Bisa Kdei’s songs have not been good enough and therefore no one is really interested in them–compared to the era when he was dropping hit after hit such as Mansa.

A Bisa fan asked on Twitter, “Bisa please why the media didn’t pay attention to your music because me I don’t understand why because your music is More than more than.”

And instead of the musician stating the truth that his recent releases are not great and have not been able to catch the intended fire, he wrote: “It’s an agenda. They have taken some money to do that. If you love my music keep loving it. The media is fake #AskBisaKdei.”

Bisa Kdei’s tweet

This is one of the things we boldly label, RIDICULOUSLY STUPID.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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