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Is Castro ‘Da Destroyer’ Still Married to the Daughter of ‘Maame Water’ Even 6 Years On?

Castro De Destroyer

Castro, one of Ghana’s most talented musicians would have been 38 years old on the 01 May 2020 if he was still with us—and undoubtedly, we would have had many hit songs from him in the last 6 years.

But the man who called himself ‘Da Destroyer’ is not with us and while it’s obvious that he is dead, there are pockets of Ghanaians, including his own friends who still hold onto the hokum we were served when Castro first disappeared.

On the afternoon of 6 July 2014, Castro and his alleged girlfriend-Janet Bandu were reported to have drowned in a jet ski accident in Ada Estuary during a weekend away with Ghanaian footballer-Asamoah Gyan and others.

Though the jet ski was soon discovered, the bodies of Castro and Janet were never discovered—sparking several nonsensical explanations as to what has happened to them, especially Castro.

Castro and Janet

One of such explanations that stood out came from a spiritualist who claimed that Castro had gone to visit his wife, who is the daughter of the mythical sea goddess called ‘Maame Water’.

According to the spiritualist-Dzifah Awagah at the time, ‘Maame Water’ had married off Castro to one of her numerous beautiful daughters and therefore Castro had gone to visit his wife under the water.

She said people from the marine world immerse themselves in our world all the time, and that she herself is one of those people, who entered this world by entering a pregnant woman’s womb to be born through the normal route.

The spiritualist made more claims; according to her if you seek her out, she could call either Castro or Janet Bandu, for whoever was interested to have a chat with them, from their underwater residence.

Dzifa Awagah also said after Castro’s spiritual wife is done with him, she would release him back to the physical world. When pressed for duration, she, of course, gave varying dates.

“Some take three years, some fourteen years, even others twenty-one years; some even six months or three days”

It all depends on the purpose for which he was sent there, and so long as the purpose is fulfilled he would be returned back to us”

In what I would call more covering, she claimed by Castro’s return, he would be found mute and unrecognizable. He would have grown Rasta length hair, and would be unable to speak, and only through sign language, or by being overly familiar with Castro, would you recognize him.

What if his dead body is found? Our ‘Maame Water’ expert said in that case, it was not the ‘Maame Water’ spirits who carried him away. When pressed later though, she gave her ‘professional’ opinion that the musician has definitely been carried away by his ‘Maame Water-related’ ‘wife.’

If we want to see Castro anytime soon, Dzifa Awagah said, we should find out what precisely the spirit wants and give it to her.

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It’s almost 6 years and Castro has not returned—meaning he is enjoying his life with his wife by the side of ‘Maame Water’. Ridiculous right?

Next year, on the 7th anniversary of Castro and Janet’s disappearance, they will be declared officially dead under the laws of Ghana. Then, we can finally let go all the ‘Maame Water’ and daughter’s marriage nonsense that was once thrown into the air.

If you missed the spiritualist’s explanation then, listen to it below…


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