Check Out These Super Handsome Photos Of The Gentlemen Who Left The Ladies On Date Rush In Tears

Ignatius, the fine gentleman who left the ladies on Date Rush reality all dumbfounded by turning all of them down has continued to trend.

Aside from the new discoveries that have been revealed about him, no one seems to care if he is indeed married or not.

All that social media folks at this point care about is what he did to the ladies, and surprisingly, he is being hailed and lauded.

Considering the fact that he is still childhood friends with one of the ladies Darkua has left many smelling foul play at work

Well, the good news is Ignatius finally spoke on the issue of his marriage and how people claim he is a playboy.

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According to him, none of what people are saying about him is true. All he knows is he is going to do what he knows he is doing right.

The new catchphrase in town is Real Men wear pink because Ignatius was wearing pink.

Let us take a look at a few pictures of the gentlemen who has become a sensation overnight.


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