Coronavirus Has Exposed the Stupidity of Africans

Reading about coronavirus aka COVID-19 and its impact on Africa especially when it comes to our behaviour and attitudes is just depressing.

Not a single day passes without one finding a ridiculous and absurd story regarding the way people are responding to the coronavirus from government agencies all the way to citizens of the country.

Take Ghana for instance, during a pandemic that requires people to quarantine safely, the authorities deemed it necessary to destroy illegal habitats of people. One would have assumed the authorities would have plans in place to deal with repercussions of this action such as the even a provision to rehouse them temporary. Even though the structures are illegal, better thinking should have gone into the disposal of these people due to the current state the nation and the world find itself in.

Kenyan authorities deemed it important to send flowers to NHS staffs in the UK while people struggle to feed themselves in the country. The country expects people whom they forced into quarantine to cater for themselves, something that led to people jumping over a wall to escape quarantine but will waste money in sending flowers abroad.

Many countries that instituted a lockdown policy had law enforcement agencies abusing their powers when they encountered people disobeying lockdown rules. In Nigeria, it was reported that police brutality in enforcing the lockdown rule had killed more people than the coronavirus while Rwandan soldiers chose rape as a befitting punishment for women caught flaunting the laws.

Chinese authorities in Guangzhou province has been abusing Africans in the district by kicking them out of hotel rooms and their homes. McDonalds for instance refused to serve Africans food something the restaurant chain later apologised for, but many African leaders are yet to condemn these acts. The African Union did not release any official message and the foreign office of almost all the countries in Africa remain silent. Those that chose to speak should have shut up due to the nonsense and insensitive way they spoke. The Nigerian and Kenyan authorities refusing to condemn and acknowledge the glaring abuse of Nigerians, Kenyans and Africans in general by Chinese authorities.

One can go on and on about all the stupid acts happening around us but what good would that do. We need to rise above the nonsense and do better as people especially when facing such a huge crisis like a pandemic.


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