If You’re A Girl Using Android Phone We Can’t Date or Be Friends – Nigerian Man Says and Social Media Reacts

A Nigerian man posted some ignorant and crazy thoughts about ladies who use android phones and got suitably roasted for it.

According to this dude, ladies who use android phones are angry and confused and he cannot date them.

He claims that android users have low IQ and they are the only people who troll others on social media.

“As a man I cannot date a girl using android phone, we don’t have anything much to talk about. Android users are somehow angry and frustrated, IQ of android users are somehow flat…If you’re a girl and you’re using android phone we can’t date or be friends,” he said.

Social media descended on him for his foolishness and pettiness in the comment section of the post.

“How do I classify your dumbness?” one commenter wondered.

“Na so your sense reach!??? Chaii.” another wondered.

Who is this idiot? I’m also here wondering in my one corner.

Best comment though: “What has android or iOS got to do with relationships?” one person asked.

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Checkout the post below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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