Stop Condoning Child Molestation Says Efia Odo


A lot people are quick to write criticise the “bad” things Efia Odo engages in, but few use the same energy when it comes to the good and positive things she does.

Recently, the actress gave over 50 people 50 GHS each to help them maintain and sustain their lives during the lockdown. One will have to search the entire internet to find that story but finding negative and horrible stories about her is as easy as trying to bribe a policeman on the road.

In a recent post on her social media, Efia Odo lamented the abuse suffered by female children in their households. One will assume the safest place for a child will be the very house she calls home, but many adults have turned that place into a haunted house. The sexual harassment and physical abuse of these children on several occasions goes unreported and unpunished. In most cases, the only time the perpetrators get punished is when something tragic happens such as death or the child becomes pregnant and even that most families try their best to intervene.

Efia Odo wrote “The amount of female children that get molested by family members/friends of family members are unbelievable”. Many people will share the same sentiments when it comes molestations of children by family members and friends of the family. Many families turn a blind eye or keep quiet when children are molested by adults especially when the person is the breadwinner of the family. Nobody takes into consideration the impact of these acts on the children as they grow. “A lot of Adults are traumatized from prior adolescent molestation”, said Efia Odo.

If one wants to observe the commonality of these events, just listen to any radio programme in the country especially the ones in Kumasi. Obra on Nhyira FM and Oyerapa Afutuo on Oyerapa FM are dominated but these stories. The response of the parents will make you question the legitimacy of these people as the true parents of the victims.

Maybe it is time the ordinary Ghanaian started looking the mirror and realise the enemy is not outside of their homes but staring right at them in their rooms.



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