TWEET: Captain Planet Says He Is Not Giving A Dime To Anyone Who Isn’t Hyping Him- These Are His Reasons

Captain Planet of 4×4 music group is intolerant and he has reasonable cause to feel that way.

He says no one should come and send a private chat to ask him money especially if that very person does not promote his work.

The “Obi Agye Obi Girl” hitmaker says he no way resembles Ghana Commercial Bank for people to flood his DMs asking for money.

From his tweet, it looks like he is furious not because some people sent him a message to ask for financial help.

It is more like these people could care less about his craft and have lifted no finger at all to do all that they can to promote him but when it is time they need help, they look to him.

Talk about people who want to reap where they have not planted.

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For what is fair, no one in this life owes anyone anything, something people have vehemently refused to understand.

People can only show any act of kindness to you out of the pure goodness of their hearts but in a case where you are not even supporting them, the least you can do is not bother with your problems.

These are the very words Captain is chiming this afternoon.

Go to those you support for money—it is that simple!


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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