Counsellor Lutterodt Shocks the World With Unconventional Face Mask Made from His Wife’s Underwear

Counsellor Cyril George Lutterodt, the controversial Ghanaian counsellor, has been spotted wearing a face mask made from his wife’s underwear.

Lutterodt appeared in the studios of Neat Fm for an interview wearing the unconventional face mask.

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The mask is nothing but one of Lutterodt’s wife’s underwear, which he has appropriated for use as a face mask to comply with the law requiring people to wear face masks before going out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lutterodt after appearing in the studio for the interview pulled out the panty and put it on.

“I have my nose mask, I don’t want to have any issue with anybody when I’m in town,” he said.

“But this is not a nose mask. Is that not a lady’s underwear?” the host asked him.

He replied: “You’re primitive. You’re not serious.

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“It’s Mothers’ Day; official nose mask. I hate to be arrested for not wearing a mask. Look at the size. Your wife’s size is what you’re supposed to use. This is my wife’s pant; don’t use a new pant. Use one she’s worn before. This is sign of showing motherhood on behalf of your children to your wife”, he added.

Being the wife of Counsellor Lutterodt must come with a bonus because it is so difficult to stomach some of the things he does and says on a daily basis.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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