London-based Pastor-Bishop Climate Wiseman Sells Coronavirus Cure Oil For £91 in London


While the whole world is in pandemonium about the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic, a rainbow in the form of a cure has appeared in the London skies assuring people the hand of God will once again deliver them.

As usual, while Africans continue to show love to God, advancements continue to happen in the West and East. Even though the discovery of the cure was discovered in London, the Lord was kind enough to use an African Child living in the West to unveil it. The cure comes in the form of an oil and a red yarn.

One would have thought a man of God would be careful if not fearful of claiming an oil can cure coronavirus especially if they are aware of what happened to Bishop Obinim. The insults and damage he suffered when an edited video showed he was selling an oil as cure for coronavirus should have been a strong warning to other pastors. The whole saga landed him in hot waters with Honourable Kennedy Agyapong and Bishop Angel Obinim continues to suffer even though the “fake is news”.

The founder and leader of Kingdom Church in London, Bishop Climate Wiseman has unveiled an oil which cures and prevents coronavirus. The church claims the oil is so powerful that it can cure other ailments and at £91 per bottle, it is a real bargain. The oil which comes the “plague protection kit” has a red yarn around it. The price of the kit has been reduced to £70 with over 1000 kits sold making the church more than a £100,000 richer.

According to Bishop Wiseman, one will be protected “by covering yourself the divine plague protection oil and wearing the scarlet yarn on your body”. The man of God insists the church is not selling the oil but rather recovering the cost for the ingredients, packaging and posting of the kit.

Authorities in the UK has stepped in to investigate the claims by the church and the local authorities have strongly criticised the church for selling this kit. Unlike Bishop Obinim, this man of God stands by the power of the oil and the lord that he serves. “I’m a Christian and there is a way that the Bible says to protect us from plagues,” he said.

Many prophets have come up with prophecies about how the plague will be resolved with a pastor in Ghana popular known as Virgin Pastor claiming the Lord will cure the world if someone bought him a car to aid him in spreading the word of God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy about the end of COVID-19 failed miserably even though he tried to justify it by saying he was talking about Wuhan. He and his camera crew went to the mountains to plead with God to do heal the earth and was so kind to tweet while in the mountains praying to God unlike Moses when he ascended mountain Sinai to talk to God.

Apostle Suleman has challenged the Nigerian government to give him access to current victims of the coronavirus and he will cure over 90 percent of them to show the power of the God he serves. Meanwhile none of the major prophets in Ghana has prophesied about the end to the crisis or made claims to have healed or want to heal anyone with coronavirus. A major prophet in the country, Rev Owusu Bempah is involved in a dispute with Bible Messi Avram Moshe therefore he is focused on cutting his head and replacing it instead of helping the country del with coronavirus .


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