After Receiving 200 GHS Christmas Mobile Money From Me, My Girlfriend Called to Dump Me—A Ghanaian Narrates How Badly His Woman Treated Him Before Dumping Him

A Ghanaian young man has narrated to GhanaCelebrities.Com the sort bad treatment her ex-girlfriend handed down to him—even after her brother sent him and his family packing with their “knocking” drinks when they visited to perform a “knocking” ceremony to solidify their relationship.

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com behind the veil of anonymity, he narrated how his ex-girlfriend played him for many months after she was posted to Northern Ghana for employment—and how on a 25th December, she told him she was no more interested in the relationship right after she received 200 GHS mobile money from him to buy some rice and chicken for the festive season.

The incident has made him hate 25th Decembers, as it reminds of his pain, the man stated. He said 2 years after the painful jilting, the ex-girlfriend called to apologize to him profusely, adding that she knows she did him wrong.

This man’s story comes after another Ghanaian man in a Facebook chat with GhanaCelebrities.Com a few days ago stated that his ex-girlfriend expressly told him she did not love a man she was getting married to but the things she wants in life are big and that even if he saved all his salary for 5 years, he couldn’t provide them. Therefore, she jilted him to get married to this new man, as a prudent choice.

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Read the young man’s narration below…

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This post was published on May 12, 2020 6:11 PM

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