Reggie Rockstone ‘Brags’ About Being The Originator Of Hiplife – Challenges Doubters To Name Their Originator

Respected veteran Ghanaian Hiplife musician, Reggie Rockstone has touted his credentials once again as the originator of the Hiplife Genre.

In an interview with Dr Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm, he was asked whether he has heard people say that he did not found rap music in Ghana.

In response, the legendary musician clarified that he has never claimed to have originated Rap music in Ghana. He explained that he is the originator of the Hiplife genre, and that is what he has touted all these years.

“What I brought is hiplife and when it is being said, it should be said well. I didn’t just come to name it, and go back abroad but I worked on it”, he said.

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“It has never even been a debate about the origination of hiplife. If you ask anyone from the young to the old, who doesn’t know where hiplife came from?”, he quizzed.

“If they try to argue and you ask them who brought it, then they stare blankly at you. They’ve never been able to tell who else started hiplife besides me. Never”. He asked.

The ‘Grandpapa’ challenged all those who doubt his credentials as the originator of Hiplife to name their originator.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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