CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Bishop Obinim, the Divine Healing Angel Miraculously, Hilariously and Fraudulently Falls Sick on Sensing Arrest—Do Angels Fall Sick?

Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim is not just a charlatan, he is a clown and a real nutjob. He is a grand walking contradiction who serves a special form of absurdity to his credulous cult of followers, called his church members.

How any rational-thinking person takes this clown seriously, such that the person even goes to him for paid consultation or hands any money to him as tithes and offering, remains the enigma of our time. Everything about him is off, yet he has been able to amass huge wealth and followers by presenting himself not only as God’s representative on earth but His only true angel placed on earth.

On a good day, Angel Obinim is able to heal the sick, raise the dead, conjure fresh passports from God to appear in his shoes, spiritually deposit huge cash into his church members’ bank accounts per their testimonies, tell people what will happen to them in the future and above all sleep with the wife of his junior pastor—but he could not foresee his own arrest, and heal himself when he suddenly fell sick during the attempted arrest.

Angel Obinim

Yesterday, it emerged that the divine healing angel of God on earth who regularly breaks bread with Jesus Christ, and slaps the hell out of Lucifer all the time had suddenly fallen sick after the police stormed his church premises to arrest him. Early reports indicate that Obinim was, as usual, charging a bunch of his church members to line up and speak to him about what they need from God (called spiritual consultation) despite the government’s ban on public gathering including church gatherings because of COVID-19.

Per the reports, when the police got to his church and told him they had a warrant to bring in him for questioning, the angel of God cunningly asked for a few minutes and entered one of the rooms around. On his return, he said he had suddenly fallen sick—and he was taken to a hospital at East Legon under a police escort. This is plainly hilarious, and stupid on many levels. It’s not a movie but true.

How can a sick-healing angel of God fall sick? It even seems like an oxymoron to put “sick” and “angel” close to each other in the same sentence. The truth is, Obinim is an old fraud and his antics are conspiring to disgrace him. But he doesn’t see it that way, nor does his imprudent followers.

Angel Obinim

Obinim has probably convinced himself that he is the smartest con in Ghana. His wealth or proceeds from his con-artistry may support this, but even that, it’s time for him to retire and disappear with what he has been able to scam out of people—because danger and disgrace are staring right at him.

Obviously, Angel Obinim is not sick. Apart from the fact that angels of God which he is one do not fall sick, this is an old legal trick in Ghana where a person to be arrested or under arrest fakes sickness in an attempt to obtain bail on human right grounds. It almost always works in Ghana.

So, Obinim cannot even wait for the ban on church gatherings to be lifted for him to practise his trade, same as some other men of God, simply because he wants more money from his poor church members. It’s sad and sick at the same time.

The next few days will be interesting, for the angel of God and the citizen spectators in Ghana. For once, we’ve recorded a sick angel of God who is a divine healer on our soil, and we must rejoice.


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