God Fails Obinim and T.B. Joshua But Not Bishop Wiseman


Listening to Bishop Angel Obinim will make one wonder if anyone is closer to God than him. He is the only pastor who has had a direct conversation with God in front of his congregation and has two personal angels under his wings.

While many pastors and prophets continue to refer to themselves as men of God, Bishop Obinim has moved to a new category and added the job of an angel to his role. Due to the extensive work he must do as both man of God and angel, he failed to perform once as an angel and had to defend himself in front of his church in conversation with God. According to him, he did send another angel to take care of the errand therefore it was the other angel that let him down.

Angel Obinim has being performing miracles for several years from healing the sick to raising the dead therefore it was it was surprising to read about him getting hospitalised. Guaranteed Obinim is human but one would assume the same healing powers that has benefited others through him would be used to heal him but that is not the case.

While Obinim is fighting his sickness via modern medicine and facility, many are still waiting for Prophet T.B. Joshua to give some indication about what God told him about the coronavirus when he went to the mountains. His prophesy before climbing the mountain did not materialise and with Obinim already denying having a cure for coronavirus, a man of God in London has picked up the baton. The audio breaks down how the cure works and the response it has received in London by the local authority and the government at large.

Bishop Climate Wiseman of Kingdom Church in Camberwell, London, claims to have a kit containing a bottle of oil and some red yarn will protect and cure anyone from the coronavirus. The kit which were being sold for £91 has been reduced to £70 with the cost of the kit covering the ingredient and postage of the kit. According to the church, the make zero from the sale of the kit since they are only interested in the protection and cure of the people of God.

The oil from Bishop Wiseman remains the only solution to the current coronavirus pandemic while we wait for someone to be kind enough to buy a truck for Virgin Pastor to go round Ghana preaching the word of the Lord so that the world can be rid of this terrible virus.


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