Good Riddance – 5 Reasons Why Nana Yaa Brefo’s Resignation From Adom Tv Is Long Overdue

Journalism has always been a noble profession. A profession that seeks to educate, inform, and entertain should never be reduced to anything but noble. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case with the now-former employee of Adom Tv, Nana Yaa Brefo.

On Several occasions, Nana Yaa has come across as a very annoying and unprofessional host. Her posture and line of questioning have always left much to be desired. It is actually a surprise that she survived for 10 long years at a media house like Multimedia which has never been one to fear the cracking of the whip.

Nana Yaa Brefo of Adom TV

Based on Sentiments expressed by social media users since the news broke about her resignation, GhanaCelebrities.Com brings you 5 reasons why her exit from the reputable media organization was long overdue.

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  • Her posture as a host is questionable: Nana Yaa’s posture as a host of a program has always been questionable. While hosts are expected to be firm at all times, it is also a basic pre-requisite of their position to be fair to all parties who they encounter in their line of work. Unfortunately, Nana Yaa has almost always demonstrated unfairness whenever she has sat in as a host. A most recent example is when she recently hosted Bernard Nyarko’s brother, son, and manager. After listening to their allegations, she swallowed them hook, line, and sinker and began to bash the Kumawood industry without offering them any benefit of the doubt. Even when McBrown had personally phoned in to clarify issues, the host appeared to have reached a conclusion, in the face of the argument adduced by the family of the late actor. Her interview with K.K Fosu also features prominently.
  • Her Line of questioning was problematic: While it is expected of journalists to ask hard-hitting questions, they are equally expected not to do this by sacrificing ethics and professionalism. Nana Yaa’s line of questioning has always been unprofessional. Again, in the instance of her botched interview with Nana Ama Mcbrown, the very first question she asked after the actress had personally phoned in to clarify issues was “What is Bernard Nyarko’s number?” shocking, isn’t it? Even when McBrown had tried to painstakingly explain her side of the story, Nana Yaa kept dragging her back, asking such infantile questions as “How much support did you offer to her family?” really!
  • She Comes Across as Rude: On several occasions, Nana Yaa has been outright rude to guests who have appeared on her show. Cutting in unnecessary when they are supposed to be explaining their side of the story, making disrespectful gestures with her hand, and annoyingly repeating daft questions just to get her guests to be emotional.
  • Her Unapologetic Disregard for Kyeiwaa’s hustle: One major issue that cropped up in her days at Adom Tv was her blatant disrespect for the hustle of celebrated Kumawood actress Kyeiwaa, an incident that infuriated many viewers, and which she Up to this day refused to apologize. In an interview with Kumawood actor Papa Kumasi, Nana Yaa sought to infer that the movie industry was dead and that is why most of the movie actors are doing other things to survive. She shockingly referred to Kyeiwaa as washing dishes and selling kenkey and banku in Europe to survive. Though many people asked her not to look down on the selling of kenkey and banku since it was a noble hustle, she blatantly refused to apologize. Interestingly, even though she touts herself as an ace broadcaster, she also sells food on the side. Can we also reasonably infer that her industry is dead and that’s why she’s selling food?
  • Multimedia is Better Off Without Her: The majority of social media users who have reacted to the broadcaster’s resignation have expressed their joy at her exit from the station. For a prominent media house like Multimedia with 25 years of media excellence, the likes of Nana Yaa Brefo is what they really do not need. With most Twi viewers preferring to watch UTV these days, this is a step in the right direction for Adom Tv and multimedia. Perhaps they might regain their ardent viewers who were forced to switch allegiances because of an annoying host like Nana Yaa Brefo.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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