Who Pushed Nadia Bauri To Have Kids With An Unknown Man – Michael Essien or Jim Iyke?

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Once upon a time Nadia Bauri was the queen of Ghanaian movies with the closest person being Jackie Appiah. Nadia for a long time dominated the screens in our homes and managed to carve a great career in Nollywood as well. At the peak of the Ghana movie industry, for every 10-movies released, Nadia was bound to be in 85 percent of them. She was the lead actress in more than half of the movies with Jackie Appiah or Yvonne Nelson scrambling the rest.

The beauty of Nadia has never been in doubt therefore one was not surprised to read about all the male attention she was getting from average joes to big men. It was rumoured that for several months if not years, former Chelsea player Michael Essien had tried to date her while playing in France but was not successful.

Nadia is currently happily married with four kids, but one wonders what could have happened. At the peak of Michael Essien’s career, he started dating Nadia and they seem to be a nice couple although one might argue that they weren’t suited to each other. Essien was a calm shy guy who struggled to even engage the media while Nadia was the opposite. Granted her job could have given her the skills to deal with being under the public microscope all the time but from afar they just looked incompatible.

When Nadia the darling of Ghallywood merged with Jim Iyke the bad boy of Nollywood, many movie fans were excited by the union. Jim Iyke had a reality TV show and all were eager to find out more about their relationship. Although the show did fulfil the fans expectations, it did provide an exciting moment when Jim proposed to Nadia. Many people were joyous about that but were soon disappointed when it fell through. It was later rumoured the entire segment was fake which has led many to even wonder if they actually dated.

Nadia’s relationship with Jim Iyke and Michael Essien would have been very different and based on what we know about both men, who should Nadia choose if she had the opportunity to date one of them again?

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This post was published on May 22, 2020 3:38 PM

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