Get Free £5 When You Send Money to Ghana Using TapTap Promo Code ‘TopChris’–Without Any Transfer Charges

Sending money to friends and family has become simple, convenient, cheaper and quicker with the evolution of technology, and remittance services like TapTap Send.

A few years ago, you would have had to take a trip to a certain shop or office to be able to send monies to your loved ones in Ghana–and they would have had to also travel to pick the money up.

The advent of technology and the growth of mobile money services have made it possible to just sit in the comfort of your home in the UK and other countries, and wire monies to friends and family in Africa. And instantly, they will receive the money on their mobile phones to be used.

Send Money to Ghana

TapTap Send, which was launched in summer 2018 has enabled the entreprise of sending and receiving monies across borders to become very easy and cheap.

Without any hidden fees, Taptap allows you to send money for free–and currently, they are offering anyone who uses the promo code TopChris a free £5, on top of how much the person is sending.

So, if you sign up today to send £100 to a family member and you enter the promo code TopChris, the recipient will receive £105–a free addition of £5.

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