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Efia Odo Drops Supremely Ignorant Take on U.S Police Officer Killing Unarmed Black Man – A Dangerous Tweet and A Form of White Apologetics – Godwin Okine Writes

Actress Efia Odo in a bid to sound ‘smart’ and ‘enlightened’ this morning has ignorantly equated the practice of police killing unarmed black civilians in the United States to some ‘prejudice’ she claims exists within the black community.

Odo, in a very unfortunate tweet she sent out, engages in a dangerous game of false equivalency which minimizes the suffering of millions of African Americans in the world’s so-called ‘land of the free’.

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Her tweet comes after recent viral news about a black man, George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis in the U.S state of Minnesota.

George’s head was pinned down by the knee of white police officer after he was arrested,

He was held in that uncomfortable angle for several minutes as he pleaded he could not breathe. He eventually died.

This incident has once again sparked a wave of protests from blacks in the U.S as just the latest in a long line of brutal police actions taken against black people.

In the light of such a serious issue, Odo’s take is that: “Black people, smh. Get mad when a white person kills insults or disrespect but do it to your own every bloody day. Racism exists but prejudice exists within our own communities,”

A 12-year old boy shot dead by police, a man selling cigarettes choked to death, a man in his own car shot for reaching for his pocket whilst telling the police I’m reaching for my pocket – all these incidences are just a small sample size of the atrocities blacks face from white police officers in the U.S.

This is a huge issue which affects the black community who have to live in fear everyday whenever they have to deal with the police, yet Efia Odo’s take on the whole thing is that blacks are occasionally cruel to each other so they cannot complain or what?

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It’s an ignorant take all right but it’s even worse because it is insidious – equating a long-running issue of systemic and institutional racism to some so-called blacks being cruel to each other.

Her tweet constitutes a form of white power apologetics – after all, the Whiteman has often said that the negro is uniquely bad, wicked or whatever words they use to justify their horrid treatment of us as lesser beings.

The issue for blacks is that the state powers seem to be aligned to always screw them over, often done in a blatant way with the criminals in uniform protected by the state.

I don’t see how the fact that a black person might call another black person names or refuse to help them when they’re in trouble equates to an officer of the law killing an unarmed man simply for the colour of their skin – something which happens with alarming regularity in the states.

Perhaps a better tweet for Odo should have been: “Black people, smh. Get mad when a white person enslaves you but do it to your own every bloody day. Slavery exists but prejudice exists within our own communities,”

The enormity and scope of the race issue African Americans are facing in the U.S is too big for an ignorant celebrity just trying to sound smart down here to use to play such a game of false equivalency.

Odo seems to have suffered from the condition where her head got too open to the extent her brains fell out!

Black people might be cruel to each other on occasion – same as white people by the way – but the issue of systemic racism in the U.S runs far deeper for it to be used to make such a puerile comparison.

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This post was published on May 28, 2020 11:05 AM

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