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Lydia Forson and All The “Fake” Feminists In Ghana Should Shut Up

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For several days I have watched in anticipation for the feminazi sorry feminists of Ghana to rise and speak about the assault on women by hiplife artiste turned rapper Sista Afia.

The musician on her latest diss track “You Got Nerves” destroyed almost everything the feminazi claim to fight for and to show her boldness topped it off with her antics on United Showbiz, an entertainment show hosted by Nana Ama McBrown.

Sista Afia’s memorable lines in the song was fat shaming rapper Eno Barony by comparing her to a beef burger and former WWF star Yokozuna while Freda Rhymz’s ass was compared to a Vodafone sim card.

Many will argue that diss songs have no morality therefore lyrics from diss songs should not be overanalysed but let’s play the devil’s advocate and imagine that the same lines were said by a male rapper to a female artiste?

The likes of Lydia Forson and MP for Kintampo South Hon. Felicia Adjei would have taken to their social media platforms and dragged any man who dared say anything they deemed negative about a woman. When President Akufp- Addo made his comments about how women need to show dynamism when it comes to influencing key decisions in Ghana such as running of political parties and getting people into parliament, he was called anti-feminist with Lydia Forson mocking him for not heeding to advice.

The sensible among us can critically analyse the statement by the president and ask if women are doing all they can to infiltrate the very institutions they claim oppresses them. According to, the ratio of men to women in Ghana is approximately 1:1 therefore if the women chose to exercise their political power, they could elect half of the MPs in the country. It is easier for one to point the finger at someone rather than critically analyse one’s own actions and inactions that led to their current situation.

For years people have fat-shamed Lydia Forson when they disagree with her stance on issues and that is something I disagree with. Sista Afia herself claimed that her music career has suffered because she is fat therefore one was surprised she will body shame another artiste. As for Lydia, like many hypocrites she has remained silent about the whole thing like how she refused to criticise the girl that was caught on tape physically abusing a man.

Sista Afia on United Showbiz belittled, heckled and ridiculed Freda Rhymz during the entire show. One can only imagine the backlash if Sista Afia was replaced with a male artiste, say Kwesi Arthur. The feminazis will have made it about male versus female, the effects of patriarchy and all the nonsense they continue to spew about men going out their way to oppress women in the country.

Maybe now many will recognise that being a terrible person is not reserved for only those that stand up to pee but rather anyone can suffer from the same disease.

This post was published on May 28, 2020 6:13 PM

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