Ghanaian Feminists Vent Their Anger On Joy News’ Israel Laryea And Others For Including Men In Discussions On Menstrual Hygiene

A section of the Ghanaian Feminist community has unanimously “bared their teeth” at award-winning Joy News journalist, Israel Laryea and others for daring to include men in a discussion on Menstrual hygiene.

A UK based NGO, Girls Flow Free, in collaboration with Israel Laryea and other like-minded persons, sought to organize a programme to create awareness on female hygiene during the period of menstruation.

The programme which was originally scheduled for World Menstrual Hygiene day which fell yesterday on 28th May had to be arranged in two phases to make way for an all-male and all-female panel to discuss the implications of the subject matter from both perspectives.

In view of the above, the first phase of the programme, which featured an all-female panel was held on 27th May, that is a day before the actual world menstrual hygiene day, whereas the second phase, which featured an all-male panel was held yesterday.

This appeared to have greatly angered the feminist society, who from their reaction, appeared not to have even followed the prior discussion, except to cause mischief.

Reacting to the issue, one Rasheeda Adams berated the organizers of the programme for featuring a male-only panel, a wrath clearly motivated by uninformed assumptions.

Even after another female had taken the pain to correctly point out to the vexed Rasheeda that a similar programme featuring an all-female panel had been carried out a day earlier, she appeared uninterested.

Then came even more militant feminists to bear their comrade in support.

Sensing how broken Israel Laryea and his well-intentioned colleagues might be, Araba Koomson had to enter the fray to offer a much-needed back-up to a colleague obviously stressed behind enemy lines.

If there is anything consistent with Ghanaian feminism, it is the inconsistency with which the ideology exists. Every definition that exists within the framework of the ideology is subject to the context of the prevailing circumstances and the individual involved.

Interestingly, even the so-called Ghanaian feminists cannot seem to find a level playground when it comes to matters involving their version of feminism. They all seem to have one popular refrain though, “Chase all the men out, Let’s decide everything else after”.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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