Photo: The Current State Of Once Prolific Hiplife Artiste Kwadee

Once, a very prolific and highly revered entertainer, the lyrical prowess of Okomfo Kwadee has long been missing from our airwaves. A man who revolutionized our perception of hiplife with his uniquely fabricated rhythms and lyrics, it is without a doubt that Kwadee has already paid his dues.

Life, many people have said, is a fairytale. When a person gets everything that he wants, when he has all the things that he thinks he needs, and life is being wonderfully kind; when there is nothing terrible hanging over his head and no looming catastrophe, he might accept the theory that life is a fairytale, and perhaps rightly so.

But life, just like death, almost twists when you least expect, and it normally does so leaving in its wake quite devastating consequences. Such consequences as may best be used to adequately describe the circumstances of Okomfo Kwadee.

Born Jerry Anaba, Kwaadee hails from Navrongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana. With his unique and typically traditional brand of music, he mesmerized Ghana after the release of his first album, “Kwaadee”, the album which gave him a showbiz name.

After massive success and recognition in the music industry following the release of hit songs like, ‘Kwaadee/Aboro ne Bayie’, ‘Ataa Adwoa’, ‘ka wo nan to so’ among others, the musician was reported to have suffered a mental condition which took him away from mainstream action for a couple of years.

Somewhere in 2013, he was again reported to have suffered a relapse, a massive blow to a nation and an industry which had hopes of reuniting with a filial son.

In 2018, there was finally a glimmer of hope when the long-awaited Okomfoo made his much-anticipated return to the spotlight, granting interviews on radio and TV.

After a few public appearances, the much-loved musician disappeared from the spotlight, never to be heard of again until the photo below began to circulate, alleged to be the current condition of the man who once redefined Hiplife in Ghana.

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It is still pretty much unclear what is actually wrong with Kwadee. However, what is clear is that the musician needs help and all the love he can get at this stage in his life. We hope though that he gets back to his best. Ghana needs him, and the industry will be much stronger when he is back to his prolific best.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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