10 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Fixed Their Butts – See All Before And After Evidence

Celebrity status in Ghana has become so cheap! One does not have to do anything to earn it.

You don’t have to achieve an outstanding feat or bring into being any intellectually stimulating project.

All you need to do is to attract the attention of people by any means possible, wisely or unwisely.

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As a result, some actresses, media personalities, musicians, internet loafers among others in Ghana have earned a celebrity status by just fixing heavy butts and hips.

GhanaCelebrities.Com likes to introduce you to the following female Ghanaian celebrities who have jumped under the knife probably countless times to get their curvy body.

Benedicta Gafah

As you can see, we have two distinctive figures here – old Benedicta Gafah and a new one which varies in every way, except the face! Actress Benedicta Gafah has suddenly developed big butts and hips but has surprisingly maintained a tiny stomach.

Princess Shingle

Oh my God, Princess Shyngle! This Gambian Ghanaian based actress wants us to believe she has just snatched her tummy to derive this body lifting device figure? Who would believe this? For crying out loud they should be honest with us!!

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Moesha Budoung

Ghanaian actress and socialite Moesha Buduong who is currently the originator of the slay queen title is our personal darling. She’s admitted over and over that she’s worked on her body. Moesha started this whole body sculpting to have her desired body.

Her first attempt proved successful as she went for a top-up. A few days ago, Moesha disclosed that she went for body-enhancing surgery to boost her confidence. Slay on Moesha! We admire your honesty.

Yvonne Okoro

Our sister Yvonne Okoro’s body has stayed very deceptive – sometimes she is hippy, other times she is not! Is she deceiving us with hip pads or her butts goes on and off according to her weight?

Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has in the past fought Moesha and Adom FM’s Sister Sandy all because they disclosed or alleged Salma fixed her butts.

But we look at this grid photo and clearly there’s nothing to hide! Aggressive butt versus a straight line all for the same person. Is she a magician?

Today, she’s back rolling with Moesha as slay queens.

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