Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny Beef Reborn After Wale Sacked the Militants – They Both Throw Dirty Shots

The eternal beef between Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale has been reborn after Shatta Wale once again sacked those around him.

Since he became successful within the past decade Wale cannot seem to go a few years without sacking someone out of his inner circle.

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A few years back it was Pope Skinny and a few others before him. This year it’s the ‘SM Militants’ who have been shown the door by Wale.

After their sacking Pope Skinny reacted with anger, attacking Shatta Wale in a new song called ‘Snitch.

According to him, after a pastor prophesied that Wale is going to die soon, he has undergone a spiritual intervention which would rather kill those around him.

He warned them to be careful and said Wale should not try him because he’s the antidote to him.

Wale also hit back in a series of posts on Snapchat.

He warned Pope Skinny to never try to outshine his master because he will never win.

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Check out the back and forth between Wale and Skinny below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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