Captain Smart Gives the Rundown On How Long Angel Has Been Chasing Him and How Much He Was Paid to Leave Multimedia

New morning show host on Angel Fm, Captain Smart, has opened up for the first time on how and why he left the Multimedia Group to join Angel Fm.

According to the veteran broadcaster, it had nothing to do with money and simply to do with the fact that he wanted a new challenge in life.

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Captain Smart spoke with Ghanaian blogger ZionFelix to reveal the long and short of the story behind his departure from Multimedia Group to the Angel Broadcasting Network.

According to Captain Smart, Angel (Dr Oteng) has been chasing him to work for him for close to four years now but he has steadfastly refused to join them, until now.

“The communications started about 3 years, 7 months ago that Dr Kwaku Oteng wanted to work with me. It started way back in Kumasi when I moved from Otec Fm to Fox Fm that he wanted to work with me but then I don’t know what happened and I moved to Adom.

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“Then he started Angel Fm here in Accra and he wanted me to come join the company, handle the morning show and handle the operations as well. We started the discussions way back and I was waiting for the right time…”

According to Captain Smart, he left Multimedia of his own volition and no one fired him. In fact his superiors were begging him to reconsider his decision but his mind was already made up.

Smart also made it clear that rumours he received huge sums of cash and other goodies like a car to leave Multimedia for Angel are unfounded.

“Ghanaians like to talk…I wish Dr Oteng is here, he will tell you Smart took nothing from me. Kwaku Oteng gave me nothing and I want to repeat, he’s not giving me nothing and I dont’ demand anything from him. We want to come and work and prove that Ghana is capable of becoming a better country.

“If the Ghanaian media rises up and works well this country will become a first-class country and…we’ll use this network and this platform to reshape and engineer the faculties of this country,” Captain Smart emphasized to Zion.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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