Top 15 Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals Of All Time

7. Odartey Lamptey


This particular scandal almost sent tears down the cheeks of many Ghanaians. Former Ghanaian footballer, Odartey Lamptey suffered a devastating loss in 2013 as DNA test proved that he was not the father of the three girls he had raised with his wife Gloria Appiah for 21 years!

Children he had raised, loved and cared for al of a sudden turned ‘strangers’ right before his eyes.

To make matters worse, his wife couldn’t challenge the result due to her promiscuity. She rather filed for divorce, seeking half of his assets plus his plush residence in East Lagon.

Even though she lost the case demanding 50 per cent share of her husband’s properties, the shameless woman appealed after cheating on him and making him raised children that were not his.

Eventually, she had something for probably cooking for the man and serving other wifey duties.

8. Yvonne Nelson


In 2017 whilst Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson was pregnant, a Nigerian model Keela Harrison accused her of snatching her husband.

In a leaked chat that popped up, Keela Harrison revealed to a friend that she introduced Yvonne Nelson to her husband after she contacted her to purchase slim tea.

She disclosed they were in the process of getting a divorce but had not gone through the process when Yvonne Nelson magically got pregnant for her husband, Jamie Roberts.

I quite remember before Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy which she lied to keep it a secret, she confirmed through an interview that she had gotten her soul mate and marriage/wedding was imminent.

However, everything later collapsed on her head as she could not even earn a promise ring. Talk about marriage today and Yvonne Nelson would reply from nowhere that it is not an achievement!

9. Asamoah Gyan


Former Black Stars’ Captain Asamoah Gyan was accused of rape and *an*l s*x with a 22-year-old university girl called Sarah Kwablah.

According to the girl, Gyan raped her, both regular and *an*l s*x but Asamoah Gyan denied, noting it was consensual as the lady kept coming for more.

The disagreement between the two partners ended in a lawsuit as private chats between them also leaked online. In the chat, Asamoah asked the girl to terminate her pregnancy whilst she insisted to keep. The whole thing, in the end, turned a foolish case!

10. Obaapa Christy


Gospel Musician Obaapa Christy is quite fraught with scandals – several of them. Somewhere in 2012/2013 gospel musician Obaapa Christy who was by then referred to as Christiana Love per her marriage to Pastor Love was accused of cheating.

The couple dragged themselves publicly on live radio, on Adom FM morning show program, hosted by former employee Adakabre Frimpong Manso.

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Pastor loved publicly accused his wife, now ex-wife of cheating whilst she accused him of being a murderer.

Their marriage eventually hit the rocks. Obaapa Christy has recently married but even that, a group of women in Hamburg, Germany have claimed that the gospel musician has snatched someone’s husband.

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