DKB Has A Serious Problem With Intelligence

Ghanaian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney, known professionally as DKB, has a very serious problem with intelligence and instead of hiding it, displayed it front and centre for everyone to see on social media.

DKB earlier today took to social media to celebrate a new achievement in life.

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He was celebrating reaching 1m followers – but not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram – instead DKB was celebrating reaching a million followers on all these combined.

We live in a mediocre world these days where people celebrate all sorts of achievements that aren’t really achievements but DKB is taking things to another level.

It’s all well and good when celebs celebrate a social media milestone on one platform – as meaningless and unimportant as that can be – but this is just going too far.

Gathering up followers from several social media platforms and adding them together has one huge flaw which DKB should have noticed if he didn’t have a problem with the application of intelligence.

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He is likely to have a fan who will follow him on all three platforms, or on two out of three, but is now being counted as three people just so he can create a flyer and chase some clout with the claim of having 1m followers.

Perhaps DKB was not intelligent enough to note this possibility!

Or maybe he was just shameless enough to notice and not care. Seems having 1m followers is the new greatest achievement of all time.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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