Becca Responds to the Backlash Over her George Floyd Tweet – She Even Makes Things Worse

Becca has responded to the immense backlash over a tweet she posted on the George Floyd issue by releasing a statement claiming she’s been ‘taken out of context’.

According to Becca, her statement has been taken out of context to enable people bash her.

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She released a fuller statement providing the ‘context’ she claims is missing from her first post.


“Racism affects all of us disregarding the colour of our skin. As Africans, one of our biggest history is racism and it’s time we put this to an end,” she wrote.

She added: “However, as Africans back home, what are we doing to combat xenophobia, tribalism, nepotism and common differences? So my earlier tweet should not be taken out of context,”

Becca’s apparent context is nothing new, basically saying the same thing that because of some issues down here we shouldn’t complain about the racist killing of Floyd.

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She then paid some lip service to Floyd’s killing but no one was buying her explanation.

Becca had earlier tweeted that Ghanaians are hypocrites for complaining about George Floyd because some people dragged her for marrying a Nigerian.

Her tweet got her roasted leading her to post this explanation which just made things worse.

One twitter user replied: “This is exactly what we ranting against. All those things you stated exist. But you don’t wait when we are fighting one then you come tell us we don’t have the right to fight because this problem and this problem also exists,”

“The dragging touch you er ??? Next time,” one guy hilariously replied.

Going through her comments she appears to have made issues worse with this non-explanation.

Next time she should think just a bit before sending out a tweet about such a sensitive issue.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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